An intuitive and a visionary leader for digital literacy in sales and marketing strategy, Salim Halder is the founder of Proceed2Succeed which is a digital marketing agency. His focus on instruction standard is a results-based program that has benefitted many clients to double their income, rebuild their reputation and even start new ventures

With an innovative background in Sales and Marketing Automation, he has been instrumental in coaching other service providers to attract potential clients online and improving their sales over ten times.

For the past six years, as the sales and marketing strategist, Halder has put together several informative and extremely productive programs and services for coaches, consultants and professionals who want to improve their marketing strategies and find new ways to increase sales in high-end services.

His focus on instruction standard is a results-based program that has benefitted many clients to double their income, rebuild their reputation and even start new ventures.

His expertise and enthusiasm for sales and marketing came at an early age. While kids at 11 years thought about the latest video games and playing ball in the open, Halder knew he was interested in sales and marketing. By the age of 13 years, he had already made his first sale online for an US-based company. When he reached seventeen, he had to learn the trade by experience to excel in his field, so Halder decided to pursue his interests with everything he had.

To achieve his current reputation as one of the most sought-after business guru in the internet marketing universe, Halder had to make a lot of sacrifices in the initial years.  He worked a full-time job to finance his business and invested 100% of his earnings and savings which was a massive venture.

 After gaining experience and analyzing the market for over five years, Halder invested over $30,000 into courses, mentoring, sales training events, sales, and marketing systems and websites. It was a lot of risks to take but trusting his skills and experiences has put him on a pedestal among other digital marketing experts.

Born near Munich from a German father and an Indonesian mother, Halder has assisted over 50 individual business owners in Germany to transform and advance their business. Many of them are now independently running on their own and branching out other services. He had pioneered the way for setting the right sales and marketing system by making use of his experiences in practicing the right approach to the customers which he says is the key to success in this industry.

Currently, Halder has been putting together some of the most practical and methodical programs to share his expertise with digital entrepreneurs in Social Media, SEO, Sales and Marketing Automation. He also shares his knowledge in Direct Sales, Online and Offline Sales, Email Marketing, Video and Webinar Marketing as well as automation, Selling Psychology, High Ticket Selling, Product and Service Creation, Online Advertisement and Banner Design, Coaching and Consulting, Traffic, and Lead Generation.

Halder also created product information packages including eBooks and articles for coaches, consultants and professional service providers and marketing agencies. He also helped other vendors to attract ideal clients online and make a progressive shift towards improving services within a few months.

While concentrating on improving the work ethics of Proceed2succeed, Halder found a way to focus and relax by taking time to meditate and work out. He believes in practicing physical as well as mental activities to keep the mind refreshed and active to boost creativity along with the fast-growing and evolving e-market.

As an introvert, Halder knows the struggles of having to manage things on his own which is why he tries to provide the most informative, cost-effective and functional remedies to each of his clients. He is also an advocate of building trust and interactive relationship with the clients, and his inspirations come from his dear ones and family.

He has an easy-going and approachable personality but focuses on his priority which is to ensure that his clients become more active on operation management and increase product and service marketing performance.

As a coach and consultant for sales and marketing, Halder has also helped many clients close deal and reel in bigger companies and turning teams into champions in the field of e-commerce.

If you require an experienced sales and marketing mentor, who knows the pros and cons of the trade to help you establish a business from scratch or improve your existing business and promotes it to a notable level, the man behind one of the most successful e-marketing strategist can enlighten you. You can attend this exclusive training webinars and learn skills from his eBooks and articles which are all available online. You can get valuable advice, tips, and trick that can potentially save your company a lot of money and elevate your current status just as he had done his.

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