Consultative Selling Challenges Traditional Selling

Consultative selling puts the needs of the customer first, which means you redefine your sales approach by putting their concerns into consideration . It’s all about going from the traditional approach of selling to consultative selling and this approach uses a series of customer feedback to tailor-make products for customers and clients.

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Consultative Selling as a Direct Sales Approach

Through this methodology, the salesperson will engage customers through questions and dialogue that will help customizing the service or product to the client’s needs and wants. 

Part of improving a product includes considering customer feedback, which means the seller or manufacturer has to be in communication with the customer constantly. Naturally, question asking can be a bit tedious and especially if changes are not made, and that’s why the interviewee has to come up with a winning strategy that works for both parties.

The History of Consultative Selling

When this term was first introduced in the 70s, it brought up a revolution that took the focus from manufacturers to the customer. For the first time, products were made by taking the customer’s needs and wants into consideration. In the 80s the process led to lengthy sales procedures. Slowly, the market began to understand consultative sales and how to optimize it.

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Consultative Approach vs. Product Focused Selling

Initially, businesses were concerned with growth and product development than meeting customer needs. The shift was brought up by increased access to information from consumers. Improved technology led to product improvements and hard competition. Companies had two options at this point; either shape up or ship out.

Some of the techniques that salespeople use to engage the client include detailed questionnaires, teleselling and offering solutions that are more customized to the clients needs. These approaches increase sales and a salesman can advise perfect solutions that meet the client’s needs and wants, and it also leads to better relationships. Consultative techniques opened up lines of communication between producers and consumers. The end result is that  manufacturers make products with heir target market in focus. We can say the revolution of selling started with consultative selling. Now, how can you take advantage by using consultative selling? I want you to claim your spot to our next upcoming webinar. I’ll go over an entire sales process that you can implement into your business to stop making $5K to $10K and start maximizing your business growth and hit your real income goal. Click below and save your spot now.

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