If you want to make the right steps towards selling high-ticket programs and you want to learn how to set the perfect pricing for your program then you found the right article. Currently, many individuals cannot transform their programs from low and mid-ticket to premium high-ticket effectively. You will feel enlightened when you’ve read this article to the end, but at the same time, you will get curious to know the techniques and secrets. Now, the question is how you use this to your advantage and make it useful for your business model?

The process just takes a few steps, and it all depends on your goal and your target market. I have discussed finding the right objective market in my previous article, and I am confident that you have already grasped the content by now. If you haven’t seen them, then go and take a look before you start reading this article. My view on this topic is that if you like to concentrate on high ticket sales all you need to do is optimizing your targeting. If you are mainly aiming at low-wage employees or unemployed individuals, then your chance getting a high-ticket audience will be very low.

Your market and your pricing

Working out your target market is essential. In case, you have adjusted the market already; then you can search for those individuals who earn a lot of money or public businesses or corporate owners.
The primary thing is to be comfortable and confident in charging the cost of the high ticket. If your target market has a problem and you got the fix to it and you are providing exactly the right value, then you can charge confidently. It is essential to be confident about your pricing and to do this; the number one rule is that you offer a solution to their problems that can transform the current situation they are stuck in.

Your first step is to figure out their pain points and a strategy to solve their major issues to make a big change. A product or service are often overpriced but a real transformation is priceless. Let’s say you are currently charging around 100 dollars per session or hour, and if you are selling a six-week session program with 1 session per week, the costs would be 600 dollars. If your six-week program will bring a solution to a specific issue and you help them fix their situation to get what they really desire, then it’s worth way more than 600 dollars. What sounds more appealing to you; Do you want to have 6 sessions with me? Or; Do you want guaranteed results and a transformation to get where you want to be at?

You must consider your client’s return on the investment when you work with them, and it will surely appeal to them. For instance, if your client has stage fright, then you can help them overcome their fear of talking in front of a large crowd. The fear of addressing a large group of audiences can affect their performance professionally and personally, that is why they want to get out of that feeling. It could be anything like they want to give a talk for their daughter’s wedding or anything that is very important to them, and if it is the case, what are you going to charge to help them to overcome the fear in six weeks?
And conversely, you have clients who want and need it for work as they need to hold a lot of presentations in front of consumers and they need to face them so that they can sell more services or products. What kind of response do they get once they finish your six-week session? You should think about all these circumstances for a minute because those circumstances will affect your pricing. If you can solve a minor issue, then it is worth paying a premium price.

Charging the right amount

I am not telling you to do everything for your clients. The coaching is not about doing everything for your clients. It is about leading them to their desired outcome and showing them how they can do it without you doing everything for them. Now the question is how do you charge the right amount? Charging your clients $5,000 is the golden price point for high ticket programs. While your pricing may vary depending on your high-ticket program, you should always feel very confident about your pricing. Is your program and advice worth the money? Absolutely YES, it’s even worth a lot more! Your prices should start at $5,000, and this is just the start. Maybe you already feel confident enough to set a $10,000 pricing and offer a more advanced version of your program.
Be confident about your price and value

In case, your program offers their desired results, and you sold your product or service package for 1,500 dollars, then imagine how it feels when you could triple it. In the begging, you may feel uncomfortable; the biggest mistake is to increase the price slowly by 500 dollars. In such a case, you would sell your high-ticket package for $2,000 and then for $2,500, and then it all goes on and on until you reach the peak ($5,000 or $10,000). Now, let me ask you one thing. Are you serious about your business? If you can provide a solution to your client’s problem(s), then you and your program are worth it. End of the story. You may find some coaches who will advise you to charge more slowly, but it just doesn’t make any sense. Don’t be limited by fear; you have to strive to your fullest potential and this is only possible if you truly believe in yourself and in your work.

The first thing you should look at is the value of your program and your service level, your ability to deliver, and your achievements. If you know exactly what you are providing and you are confident about the results, then you can charge premium prices. If you are charging more, your clients will feel more dedicated and motivated, and they will certainly reach their desired results. It will enhance their interest in taking care of their problem. Imagine, you have spent $10,000 on a service that provides you the solution to your problems. You will feel highly committed because you didn’t just pay 100 bucks. You’ve spent a lot of money, and you will get started as fast as possible to get your desired results.

Evaluate your market

If your audiences are not appropriate for the amount that you are charging, then you should choose a different target audience who can afford your services. Once you’ve identified your target audience or market, then you should offer your high-value product or service for a premium price. You might be afraid to lose clients, and that can only happen if you are focusing on the wrong target audience or you don’t have the correct sales process in place.


There’s no difference in quality between casual shoes you can buy at any shoe shop and this Gucci shoes. However, the right marketing and targeting make the whole difference. They just print Gucci on their shoes and there you go, paying 500 to 1000 dollars for a pair of shoes and of course those shoes won’t sell to every kind of client. Gucci is targeting just specific buyers who can afford such shoes. By targeting the right people, you can charge premium prices and actually feel very good about it as you provide real value.

So, how do you get started?

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