How to move towards high-value sales?

High value selling or high ticket selling isn’t about improving the product’s features or raising the prices, in fact, it’s about increasing the value of a product or service that the client gets after buying from you. So, if you are intending to sell high priced coaching programs online, you must increase the value of the program. I specialize in selling high end coaching programs online and I have excellent experience in improving the value of online coaching programs that my clients have to offer.

It’s not that my clients are not talented or skilled, in fact, they are specialized in their subjects and they know how to do their work. They have excellent knowledge in their niche but the only thing that is missing is the way they communicate with their clients. They are experts in their niche and they know how to do their work. However, the thing that they ignore is that they don’t work on what results their clients will achieve after receiving their services.

When you are planning to sell high ticket online programs and raise the prices of your consultation, you must work on your high value selling proposition. This is the thing which I try to make my clients understand so that they can add more value to their offer. The high value selling proposition allows coaches and consultants to establish a perfect starting point when they are selling or planning high value coaching programs, products or services.

At what point can you create the greatest value for clients?

If you want to improve your work and start selling high value, you must work on your high value selling proposition because this is the key to success. You have to focus on your buyers and make efforts and marketing strategies directed towards them. For this purpose, you’ll have to redesign your marketing strategies and approach and use them to sell your products and services.

You can’t just directly raise the prices of your products or services especially if you are selling the lower ticket items on a continuous basis. You must be focusing a lot on the features, benefits, and the price of your product, but only these can’t help you in raising the price of your products or services. You just can’t simply raise the prices and start selling to high-end customers.

So, my point is, instead of focusing on increasing the prices, you must focus on the value and results that your clients get from your work. It is imperative that you communicate with your clients effectively and improve the value of your service. People want to buy things that are great in value and when they get their desired results, they get satisfied.

The important thing to remember is, you have to determine the value of the service or program that you provide to your clients. You have to determine how you’re communicating effectively with your clients through your marketing channels and sales delivery processes.

How to design a selling proposition

To maximize the value of your services and products, you must learn to communicate with your clients. The High value selling proposition is all about maximizing the value and communicating value to your target market. You have to deliver a strong message to your audience so that they respond to it accordingly. The key is to maximize the value with a strong message and product so your clients can see their desired results are getting fulfilled when they will buy your product or service.

You need to focus on what results and value you want to deliver to them and then you build a strong message around that. People like transformations and they want you to transform their lives. You need to make clear they are not paying for the program but for the transformation, they really want and need.

The high value selling proposition:

  1. You have the right high value product that delivers their desired results and transformation.
  2. You define your perfect dream high value client.
  3. You need to have a strong message which is your high value offer.

Now that you know how to design and craft your selling proposition, you must put these together in order to maximize the value for your high value buyers/clients. Keep in mind the following three main points to get a perfect selling proposition:

  • Target and attract high value buyers/clients
  • Introduce high value offer
  • Deliver a high value product or service

The trick is to attract the high value customers who will get the most out of your products or services. So, you have to target only those customers who are interested in what you’re selling. These are the customers that will get the most value from what you’ll sell to them. Your future clients are the ones who have a problem or something lacking and to fulfill it, they contact you. We would want to tell them just about the best parts of our high value offer and then we deliver our product or service and make sure they don’t just get a product or service but a real solution to their problem and after their problem got solved they want to see their desired results.

Which problems could they face in their current situation?

What do they truly desire?

What steps do they need to take to get from their current situation to the situation they desire?

What would motivate them to take action?

What do they really need?


How to reach buyers that spend over 15 times more than average clients

To maximize the value of your selling proposition, you’ll need to combine various factors and then present it to the buyer. You offer and deliver your highly valuable product or service to your ideal clients. Yes, you will only promote to your ideal clients. We would not want to chase down random people. 20% of your market controls 80% of the whole market spend. This is called the Pareto Principle or 80/20 principle, according to which 20% of the clients in your market control 80% of the spending. 

If you look deeper into this you will discover that 4% of the total market spends 64% of the total market spend. The logical conclusion is to target that 4 % to generate maximum profit. It is more than 15 times more effective to target that 4% than targeting the whole market. If you are not targeting them you are just getting the clients others have left over while they got the high value clients. You would most likely  work with low value clients instead of top clients. You might be thinking why you aren’t gaining your desired profits in spite of working hard? This could be the answer to your question; you aren’t focusing on the 4%. 

Implement the high value selling proposition

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