Lead generation and generating an audience is the key to successful marketing, but the implication of stricter online regulations has implicated challenges in engaging a genuine and loyal audience with textbook moves. This guide is for Online coaches, consultants, and professional service providers who want to optimize their lead generation resulting in more high ticket sales. We help you to draw in potential clients by providing out-of-the-box content that will be highly beneficial to each audience and generate more traffic to boost your market. We can help you focus on simple and practical steps that are helpful for online coaches, consultants and every kind of professional service provider.

Many online bloggers have followed, tested and failed to gain substantial feedback from popular videos and websites that promise to increase traffic, increase subscribers, unaware of the basic functioning of the web and the third party involved in building that bridge from your blog to the audience.

As your online coaches it is our first duty, and through personal experiments, we have compiled various ways, to improve your market income and boost your lead generation.


In this post, I would like to share my own experience in finally surpassing our goals to increase traffic and lead generation, grow audience and create raving fans after three failed blog attempts in 4 years! It takes trial, error, patience, creativity and a whole lot of calculated social media strategy.

Continue to read on to learn how to grasp the interest of potential clients, invest your time and money in the right places and have a stable and reliable audience and lead generation.

lead generation planning


A lead magnet is an irresistible incentive that you offer to potential clients in place of their contact information. These incentives could be free items, free consultancy, discount offers or services that marketers use to optimize the number of prospects.

Lead magnets are target specified. They can be called freebies, content upgrades, bribes, signup incentives. It should be uncomplicated and less time-consuming to create.

Some instances for a good lead magnet are:

  1. Guide/ report
  2. Cheat sheet/ handout
  3. Toolkit/ resource list
  4. Video or email training
  5. Software downloads/ free trial
  6. Discount or free shipping
  7. Quiz or survey
  8. PDF checklist, E-book
  9. Sale material
  10. Less than 30 minutes free consultation, etc.

Five-minute freebies often yield more significant performance when they are used as content upgrades while video or email sources work better when presented to an unresponsive list or audience. It helps them to warm up to your content without much effort from either side.

The purposes of providing an adequate lead magnet are:

  1. To appeal to a specific target. So know your objectives and add lead magnets individually to their needs.
  2. To solve a particular problem for your prospects. Your audience has to find valuable information that would keep them interested and engaged to learn more.
  3. Creating raving fans and long-term customer/client relationships with them.

The question now is creating an effective lead magnet for your lead generation.


The purpose is to grasp the attention and engage the readers with information in the least time as possible. List ideas in bullets and numbers are easy to notice and understand.

Examples of lead ideas are:

“free PDF checklist: 7 ways to…”

“cheat sheet: 9 tools you can’t live without…”

Or “PDF checklist: learn the seven steps to xyz…”

And continue to list as many creative ideas as you can, but make it relevant to your target audience.


Ensure that your lead magnet concentrates on exactly what the prospects would be interested. Eliminate contents that would distract or hamper the quality of the lead magnet. Any ideas that are only nice to have should be replaced by “must have” so that the client will not reconsider about measuring the pros and cons and would immediately be compelled to accept the product.

If you are offering solutions to a problem, ensure that the content provides a solution and not something else. The purpose is to provide useful, knowledgeable information.

Marketing researches have proven that consumers’ attention span on the computer is shorter than reading a book or newspapers. Choose the most appropriate and functional idea from your list based on the ones you are most familiar with and present it in an accessible and readily acceptable format in less than 5 minutes.

Since gaining the trust and interest of the potential client is vital to building long-term relationships and the expense of their contact information is at stake, you have to provide a clean, clear-cut content to make them feel like they are getting their time’s worth of knowledge.


Survey/polls are an easy way to generate a new lead. If you have achieved a significant amount of audience, even a small number, run a survey or offer free Skype calls and try to learn from their responses. Or have a fun quiz where participants must provide an email address and then the results show in the email. These polls/surveys and questionnaires are most effective when you join social media groups or communities. The questions can be quickly passed by casually mentioning them on relevant topics. For example, if you are in a social media community of online shoppers, you can casually ask “hey guys, what’s the fastest mode of delivery for this site?” You can also run a simple “Yes or No’’ poll in different groups/communities on topics that apply to the lead magnet you want to cover.

By engaging the prospects to participate in the process boost interest in keeping up with the progress of the site and gaining long-term loyalty.

generate leads through questions


It’s called a “headline” because it is the vital thing that controls the functions of the body. It has to be catchy, intriguing and highlight the content of the magnet. Its failure could render it useless. Invest time and extra efforts in selecting about ten headlines and choose the top 3 from the list.

You can lighten this strategy by engaging the prospects to participate in a poll at different communities and groups. Inform them about the headline and that you will be using the headline which grabs the most attention or calls for immediate action.

By referring to your prospects for suggestions, it not only suggests that you value their opinion and time, but it also gives them a certain amount of responsibility and credit for your site which would attract them to stick around.

Use simple phrases that stir the audience into action. For example: “Hello people! Please help me pick the most intriguing headline. I’d like to use the most popular one for an article.”

(insert link and list out headlines)

“Thank you for your valuable opinions. “

This action would instigate suggestions, responses, and even criticism but whatever the reactions are, you would still be using it to your advantage by increasing traffic. Make sure to use the headline with the most number of votes to appease your potential clients.


The content is the most significant part of capturing the leads in your lead generation process. You have successfully grabbed their attention with your headline, and now it’s time to deliver the expectations from the headline. Make sure your content provides more than their hope and that it is simple, easy to grasp and has at least a useful information for any audience.

Investing time, money and effort on quality content is a good investment because if the prospects are still skeptical at this point, it is highly likely that they would skip to another page. So if you are not sure about your writing abilities, investing in a professional content writer is also a small investment that could yield a considerable profit.

content lead generation


PDF format also allows mobility and portability of the material and the visual elements are effortlessly preserved to make it accessible to a broader audience. Convert your content into PDF by using tools such as Canva, Google Slides, and Beacon, to make your content more accessible in any operating system and platforms.


The final step to creating a compelling lead magnet is to take the audience to the landing page, a download page and a thank-you page along with some email marketing software.

These pages can be created by using WordPress to get the basic layouts and templates. However, if you want higher converting pages, Leadpages and Thrive Content Builder are quite useful.

To have a long-term connection with the client and to prevent unsubscriptions, your lead magnet has to be highly valuable concerning content and presentation. It should be functional enough for professionals to gain new ideas and beginners to find inspirations.


Thunderclap campaign is a practical social media feature that allows crowd-speaking together in one platform. By using this platform, individuals and companies can rally together by pledging to support a message by signing in through their email and sharing it on social media of your choice.

When you attain your target number, the preset information will automatically reach all the pledges and their followers at the same time. It can reverberate through social media like Instagram, Tumbler, Twitter, and Facebook increasing your target audience, page views and opens a broader market for you.

We have helped companies reach more than a million people to support campaigns and smaller companies to boost their audience by launching a Thunderclap campaign.

Thunderclap campaigns are persuasive and take about 3 to 4 weeks to reach its optimum level. You need to ensure that you have sufficient time to spare before the operation is internally approved and also link your drive with your lead magnet landing page. Once it goes live, you will soon be generating numerous responses if your message is engaging and concise.

You can also create social media groups and events to invite and publicise the campaign. The more attention you give on spreading the expedition, the more responses you will get.

You can create your first Thunderclap campaign at


Bloggers and social media influencers have started playing a vital role in influencing the market and knowing the right approach to reach out to them directly works well if you know what your goal is. Whether you want a guest post, a valuable backlink or hope that they would share your content with their followers, the key is to organize your goal, set a target and follow these simple steps until you have made noticeable progress:

influencer lead generation


The bloggers should be active in social communities or groups and have some social authority.

Make sure that they are interactive with their followers by checking on comments and look for guests posts on their blog.

Start with upcoming and mini-influencers and make your way up the bloggers’ ladder.

Do not include bloggers who do not engage with their audience.


Sending random emails and pleading or bombarding influencers with questions could be hazardous to your social media existence. The subtle but effective ways to get their attention are:

Subscribing to their interests and groups

Tagging them on posts and comments to let them know that you are actively following them

Comment and share their content as much as you can. No matter how renowned a blogger is, sharing content is the highest compliment, and they will notice that even if they don’t respond immediately.

Once they notice and you, give it a week or two to nurture the relationship before you move on to the next step.


Keep the message short, precise, friendly and exciting. Quoting them or crediting blog posts of some benefits you have gained is also a great way to compliment a blogger.

It might be nerve-wracking at first, but with consistency, the rewards are astonishing!


If you had been consistent and patient in your efforts since phase 1, you would have had quite a good connection with the bloggers through your complimentary emails, shares, and comments. If some of them have not responded yet, continue to follow step 1 to 3 and have a little patience.

Once you feel like you have gained substantial bloggers, refocus on your initial goals and email the influencers about your content, with a short, concise and casual introduction.

pitch email lead generation


Once you have had your opportunity to interact and build a relationship with the bloggers after they have responded to your emails or messages, it is the right time to pitch in for guest posting on their blog to boost your lead generation.

Make sure that the content you wish to be linked/shared has a content upgrade in it.

Optimise your content to rank in search engines so that you get natural links from the influencer’s readers.

Promote old guest posts from the blogger’s list so that you have a variety of audience

Link your blog posts with outside niche that share a common interest with your content.

What’s important for your business growth?

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