Should you follow a sales script to enlist customers in your high-value consulting or coaching programs?

If you are a professional service provider, consultant or coach who wants to enroll customers and clients at high-ticket prices in your services, programs, or products, it’s crucial having a dependable, organized sales process, and sales conversation framework.

You can enroll customers and clients at high-ticket prices without a sales script and sales conversation framework but your closing rate will be unpredictable, and the time it takes to enlist new customers ( your sales process), will be depressingly long.

Your sales conversation is the most important part of your entire sales process. It doesn’t matter how good your marketing, lead generation or advertising is if you get your sales conversation wrong.

The Sales Conversation Framework

When we are preparing consultants and coaches on how to get started with high ticket sales, we take sales scripts to help them implement the crucial sales conversation elements.

By practicing with tested and working sales scripts over and over again, they figure out how to apply the fundamental elements in a high converting sales conversation. Once you understand those essential elements and how sales scripts basically work, you will rewrite the sales script to make it unique to your own sales process.

Crucial Elements of High-Ticket Enrolment Conversations

Every sales conversation is unique, but there are still crucial components used in almost every sales conversation that is successful. Those components are especially important when you are offering high-ticket consulting services or coaching programs because your customers and clients are not investing in your product, service or program itself, but in the value that you can provide.

FIVE crucial elements should be included in your sales conversation to maximize the perceived high-value, make sure that your clients understand what they are paying for and to enroll them at a high-ticket price.

FIVE – Sales Conversation Framework

The FIVE crucial components of sales scripts for high-ticket sales are:

  1. Framing – you have to take the lead in the conversation and establish the context of the conversation.
  2. Objective – the focus of the conversation should be on a particular objective or goal that your client wants to accomplish.
  3. Challenges – it is crucial to recognize perceived, and real challenges your client sees will prevent him or her from achieving this objective.
  4. Understand their Why’s – no one purchases consulting or coaching except if they have a ground-breaking reason why. You have to cover this in the conversation.
  5. Strategy – provide your client with a clear strategy to help your client to achieve their goal and show your client how you can be a great help to get there.

Sales scripts cannot compensate for a poor sales process

The sales script itself is substantial, and it is vital to ensure that the prospects on your sales conversation call are coming onto the sales call educated, qualified and pre-sold – otherwise you will waste your time speaking to people who are not willing, ready and able to invest in your high-ticket services or programs.

That is the reason why you should invest in building effective lead generation and marketing systems to generate a constant flow of qualified clients. That is the difference between speaking to highly targeted hot buyers and speaking to cold prospects.

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